Spiritual Mentoring

Andrea is a life-long intuitive with the ability to see, feel, and interact with the energies and entities on the other side. As a child, she was very fearful of what she encountered and in her late teens she closed up all together. By her mid-twenties she could no longer deny that she was still having experiences and decided to arm herself with knowledge and skills to understand and sometimes protect herself from those entities. During this time, and through the guidance of mentors, Andrea learned who her real guides were, how to connect with her angels, and most importantly how to protect herself.

She now works as a psychic medium, channel and guide to bring through the guidance and messages from your angel and guide team to facilitate transformational shifts in your understanding of self. Which propels your connection with Source and your spiritual development

Andrea safely grounds and centers her energies to the physical realm. Once in a receptive state, she reaches to the higher realms to connect with Source. She invokes and asks her Angel and Guide Team to connect with your team to bring through messages and guidance from Spirit. 

The guidance from Spirit provides insight from your Akashic Records touching topics such as: past lives, soul contracts, archetypes, mother/father wound, and shadow-self. With their knowledge of the spiritual metaphysics,  you will receive advice on how to process and release your blocks.

Come with your notebook for note-taking as not only will you learn more about your soul's journey but we will discuss how to apply the information you have learned to find answers to the blocks that hold you back. 

*Can be done over phone or in office


One 60-minute Session: $88













Beyond the Veil

 Intuitive Development Course

Spiritual  Mentoring isn't just Intuitive Guidance, it is also an opportunity for you as the client to become the student.

The goal of this course is to teach you the basic tools to develop your innate intuitive abilities. Through this class you will learn how to deepen your connection to your higher-self as well as deepening your connection to source or God. You will learn how to connect with loved ones, angels, and guides. You will discover your intuitive gifts and how to use them.

The class outline goes as follows:

Week 1: Creating Sacred Space, and Releasing Fear.

You will learn how to create a safe and sacred  place where you can relax into your center, into the present moment where you are open and receptive to connect.

You will also learn how to call to you the being you are intending to connect with. Also how to shield and protect yourself from those you don’t.


Week 2: The Clairs, Discernment: Higher-self vs. Thoughts and Desires of the Ego

The Clairs are the 5 senses we use to communicate with spirit. I will teach you about what they are and how they work.

You will learn how to discern between the higher-self from your ego.


Week 3: Our Angels and Guides, Preparing and Connecting

Learn the difference between angels, guides, and ancestors and how to connect with them.


Week 4: Our Symbol Library: How we Interpret Spirit, Divination.

Then we end the class practicing on each other! We put all our practice to the test by each having 5 minutes to give a message to one of the members of the group.


FOUR 1-hour sessions: $333

*Can be done over phone or in person

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The goal of this class is to teach you the basic tools to develop your innate intuitive abilities. Through this class you will learn how to deepen your connection to your...
Beyond the Veil: Intuitive Devel. Course