The 4 Clairs: Clairsentience

Clairsentience: Clear feeling

Clairsentience is sensing temperature, gut feelings, and physical reactions. It is feeling with your physical body. You may have heard descriptions of skin crawling or butterflies in the stomach, I know someone who’s legs get tingly. This is also described as being empathic or sensitive to people and places, feeling the emotions someone is feeling or the energy of a place. Spirit is guiding you by how you FEEL.

Maybe you have noticed when someone feels different from how they say they are. Maybe you are very good at telling when someone is lying. Maybe you have experienced feeling pain that the person next to you is experiencing. Can you tell if there has been an argument in a room right before you’ve walked in? Do you feel drained by certain people and try to avoid them? Have you had times where you have the feeling not to do something or go somewhere and you cant explain it? Trust what you feel. You don’t need to wait for facts or conformation to show up, this is your evidence and guidance from Spirit.

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