The 4 Clairs: Clairaudience

Clairaudience: clear hearing and clear listening

There are endless ways that you hear Spirit. Sometimes it’s a meaningful song that comes on the radio where the lyrics are telling you the guidance that you needed to hear. Maybe it is overhearing a key phrase from someone next to you in a café, in line, or on the train that resonates with the topic in your mind, like an echo in my mind.

My experience with hearing Spirit are receiving blocks of thought that comes in my own voice. Sometimes it is a sentence that is on repeat. Or, lyrics to a song. Whichever way the messages come, they are always supportive and coming from a loving perspective. Never judgement, ridicule, shaming- that is our mind and our subconscious programming playing, not Spirit.

If you have had experiences where you have heard your name being called, distant sounds and music that others cannot hear. If you feel a deep connection to music and certain songs get stuck in your mind. Maybe you have a sensitivity to sounds. Maybe thoughts pop into your mind out of the blue.

Sound and clairaudience can be very subtle in my experience as the words come through in your own voice, sometimes it isn’t clear. Other times it is very obvious.

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