Sunday Morning Message: Resentment

Resentment may be brought up from many different circumstances. Even though the feeling is valid -indicating an underlying anger towards someone who continuously disrespects your boundaries, and/or possibly even an anger at self for not voicing our wants, needs, desires, and boundaries clearly- it sits like a simmering fire closing off our hearts and our voices which lowers self-confidence.

How to release resentment? Make short simple sentences to speak your truth.

“That was mean”, “I don’t like that”, “That hurt my feelings”, “I feel uncomfortable”, etc.

Our ticker-tape thoughts are racing a mile a minute telling the story of how we’ve been done wrong, how they always do this and that, and never do this or that. Saying this out loud is counter productive because they come across as character assassinations. But sticking to short straight to the point responses until tensions have calmed down and you could possibly talk, you are able to speak your truth in the moment, per se, but not evoking a fight.

Now if the person starts a fight over this they are toxic picking a fight because you called them out on their behavior. It’s best to remove yourself from the situation all together.

If you cannot communicate in a healthy way with this person(s), journaling is a great way to smother that smoldering fire for a while. Putting pen to paper is the easiest way to bring your subconscious mind to the conscious. Bringing the internal word to the external world. It’s a wonderful practice to release.

Meditation and breathwork is also another great tool to help you relieve the tension and resentment from your body.

(Not mentioned in video) Movement. Get outside, go for a walk, put on a yoga video or do some stretching, dance, go to the gym.. whatever you do to move do it! Movement is a wonderful outlet release emotions from the body and raise endorphins.

Remember that even though you feel like you are on an island, there are people who are experiencing what you feel too. You’re never alone because angels are always with you. <3

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