Sunday Morning Message: 7 Keys of the 80/20 rule for Time Management

This is how you prioritize your tasks so that you can more efficiently get shit done!

The 80/20 rule is where you try to focus 20% of your time & energy to get 80% impact; conversely you want to assess whether something may spend 80% of your time & energy to only get 20% impact or output.

Multitasking is a NO GO! Trying to do multiple things at once spreads your attention and energy too thin which leaves room for mistakes. If you prioritize your tasks from most to least important AND focus on one task at a time, you will actually get your work done more efficiently and in better time. If you do have to multitask, limit to just a couple tasks and have it be one high priority task that is your main focus and then one low priority task that can be done quickly and can also take an error hit (if it happens).

7 Keys to help you stick to this rule

1. Focus on your Priorities

2. Be proactive, not reactive, with your time

3. Plan your day

4. Schedule your tasks

5. Schedule appropriate tasks to the time and energy you have

6. Don’t procrastinate

7. Don’t be a perfectionist

Taking just 5 minutes at the beginning of your work day to set yourself up for success in these ways will make all the difference in your productivity.

Give these a try for a week and let me know how these have impacted your work week and your sanity!

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