Sunday Morning Angel Message: The Symbolism of Autumn, Samhain, & the Soul's Evolution

As we wane into the late autumn we give thanks to the end of harvest at the start of the coldest half of the year, and with this transition it’s also celebrated as the beginning of the spiritual new year.

“As above, so below”, these ancient words hold one of the keys to understanding the laws of the universe. So as Mother Earth has her yearly cycle of Spring, summer, autumn, winter.. we too wax and wane with her yearly seasons as well as in our seasons of life. Our soul's journey: birth (Spring), life (summer), death (autumn), (winter) reintegration with Source before we reincarnate again.

When we reintegrate with Source at the end of our life we share or upload our lessons learned, good and bad, into the shared human consciousness. Our personal Soul's evolution evolves all of humanity.

Our soul's journey is to evolve and expand through lessons learned. "winning" or "failing" = lessons learned = evolution

Winter hibernation or integration is our time to reconnect with our self and with Source. Connecting with Source though the deep connection to self.

With the waking of spring you begin to formulate new plans to put into action.

When we shift along with the seasons we will find more balance within our lives.

Samhain is about honoring your own mortality. By giving thanks to our ancestors and loved ones, we acknowledge that we too will join them in heaven, and join them in watching over our loves ones from spirit.

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