Owl Wisdom: Do this to subdue your anxious thoughts

This tool will help you subdue your anxious thoughts by being a deliberate thinker. If you are someone who experiences anxious, intrusive, overwhelming thoughts it probably feels like you have no control over your thoughts.

It makes a rough morning being hit with overwhelming anxious thoughts when you first wake. You want to go back to sleep but you cant because the thoughts prevent you. Feeling ruminating thoughts about the past that scarred you then bring worry and fear about the possibility of reliving that event again. Some days can be so bad that it may take you a good part of the day to come down from the thought train (if ever).

How do you move past the swirling anxiety that keeps you stuck?

Cancel, Clear, Delete is a tool that helps you to move your overwhelming thoughts aside and focus on what you DO want to think about. Imagine that thought train running circles in your mind. Now, put it in a bubble and with your hand push it out of your personal space and say, "cancel, clear, delete. I choose to think about......" and fill in the blank. Maybe its thinking about something simple like animals, sunshine, or flowers. Maybe the best you can do is you remind yourself of the facts instead of the hypothetical. Maybe it's putting on some music or another form of audio stimulation. Maybe it's going for a walk or working out.

It is possible to be a deliberate thinker instead of having your thoughts and emotions rule your life, but it takes time and dedication and patience with yourself every day. Reminding yourself that you aren't your thoughts, just an observer of the thoughts you receive. And when you can learn to attune yourself to the thoughts you DO what to receive, a shift occurs within your life. You feel less afraid and more certain that you will be all right.

Doesn't that sound nice?

I invite you to try this tool out for a couple weeks. Let me know how your experience was, I wanna know!



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