Owl Wisdom: 6 Tips to Amplify Your Spiritual Practice

To those who are beginning their Spiritual Journey, you may find that you don't even know where to begin. When we embark on our healing and spiritual journey we soon realize that it can be a treacherous and lonely path as we acknowledge how trauma effected us and embrace the shadow aspects of our self.

These 6 TIPS are TOUCHSTONE TOOLS to help those beginning their Spiritual Journey stay grounded within their thoughts, beliefs, & reality. As you further progress in your knowledge and practice, these 6 Tips will stay with you as the most basic of practice for years to come!

1. Create Sacred Space.

This is your space to meditate & pray, cry, scream, journal.. This is your SAFE SPACE to be you. Do don't have to be self-conscious or "on", you can be your natural self. On top a bookshelf you can create an alter that represents anything you want it to be. You can place pictures of loved ones you'd like to honor, or pictures or idols of spiritual figures that you desire to develop those attributes you respect in them. You can adorn your alter with cool looking rocks and shells; or feathers, bones, and bug exoskeletons upon it. The items that have a personal significance will hold more power than those that don't. Another thing to do is to create a vision board to keep you focused on your spiritual goals.

2. Develop a Meditation & Prayer Practice

I would love to dispel the resistance in this area of practice that I see commonly in most.


Or even an hour a day! Unfortunately in our high energy, overstimulated society it’s very hard for people to find time to slow down for meditation or prayer. Listen, the gurus are correct in teaching that meditation and prayer is the source of divine inspiration and knowledge (gnosis) but you don’t start out at the level of a master. Begin by setting aside 10 min in the morning to sit in silence or with meditation music playing. Place a hand on your heart and the other hand on your lower abdomen and focus on breathing deep into your belly moving the lower hand. Check in with the sensations within your body and the thoughts in your mind. You’re not trying to silence anything, simply observe. That’s it! That’s how you begin to meditate

3. Consciously Set Intentions

This means having clear intentions about your thoughts and feelings behind actions. If you are not clear on what it is you want, because you are focused on what you don’t want, you will get more of what you don’t want. Having clear intentions about what you want makes it very clear to Spirit how you can be helped and directed in your spiritual practice and daily life.

4. Release Fear & Judgement

Learning to accept our shadow-self is a cringe-worthy but extremely gratifyingly freeing experience. Whatever you may fear or judge about others or yourself you will learn to accept and work with as time goes. Through understanding your own wounds that influence the reactions that you may feel embarrassed or shamed about (shadow aspects), you learn to understand others. In doing so, forgiveness and grace replace the judgement and shame that once filled that spot. You will also find that you will have less to be angry about as you make more and more room for grace and forgiveness.

5. Let go of Victimhood

Even if you have been rightly victimized, holding onto that label, “victim”, will only keep you stuck. Taking responsibility for how we feel and what we can do to empower ourselves shifts us out of feeling faulty and broken to capable and resilient. Working on releasing the bondage that victimhood thinking holds us in we are able to see our strength more clearly because we are able to finally SEE that we are gentle warriors – we can be gentle and kind AND defend ourselves.

6. Regular Movement

Just as exercise moves the toxins out of the lymph system, movement moves toxins out of our mental and emotional bodies. Stay away from taking this as, “well I guess I gotta exercise now”, and instead think about it as doing an activity that helps you to dispel and release bottled up emotions stored within our body. Start your movement routine to be 3-4 days a week (think every other day) and keeping it short and sweet (15-30 minutes) so that the activity is easy to squeeze into your schedule while also setting yourself up for success by making your time goal easy to meet. This is for spiritual development, not dieting and loosing weight, that will come as a byproduct of getting your pent up emotions and energy out.

What do you think about these Tips?

What has your experience been incorporating these tips into your practice??



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