Owl Wisdom: #1 Mistake Empaths make misusing their superpower

Illustration by Valero Doval

We feel that we must ABSORB the person's big and overwhelming emotion as a way to protect them from it. But later after having left that person you may feel like you cant get their situation off your mind, you may feel anxiety, grief, depression, physical pain and discomfort into your own body and mind. Your symptoms maybe a headache, upset stomach, overeat, use of alcohol or drugs to numb your mind from feeling.

Caregivers fatigue is a real mental state to be aware of. It is caused by giving too much of your mental, emotional, physical energy to the patient/persons that you begin to become sick and weaken. That is why caregivers are warned to keep note of their mental health and invest in many self-care practices to curb the effects of absorbing the suffering of others.

So how do Empaths support loved ones while their suffering?

We hold space for them. We create a safe, calm, non-judgmental container; or sacred space for our loved one to safely express their big overwhelming emotions. We cannot absorb the suffering of others to heal them, we can create a safe space and give them permission to cry, scream, feel or express anger or grief. This process moves the emotion and energy through and out the body and allows for healing to happen. Taking on other's suffering only makes you sick and if you're sick, how can you help others?

Self-care is sacred to the Empath as it is grounding reminder in whom they are and aligns their intentions for the highest good. It's healing, recharging, and refreshing!

So if you find that you do this with your loved ones, remember to hold non-judgmental space and give the loved one permission to express any thoughts and emotions they need to express. Hold your heart softly but keep a strong spine and let the words and emotions move around you, not into you. Pray to connect yourself to source. Hold love in your heart and radiate it towards your loved one, silently saying "I love every side of you".

How to get rid of absorbed energy?

Utilizing a self-care ritual / routine, or task. These are activities that help you feel good about yourself. Clients in my program create a daily, weekly, and monthly self-care ritual or task to help maintain their health and wellbeing, and as stated above, it will help with caretakers fatigue too! The video gives many more examples and a waterfall visualization!



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