How to Develop Intuition: Feeling Subtle Energy and Using Discernment

Intuition is usually experienced as an idea or a feeling. The inspired idea will feel subtle but persistent, which will usually cause me to question if what I am feeling is in fact an intuitive nudge or an aggressive idea. That is why sometimes our intuitive hunches will go overlooked because they are so subtle to discern from the base line emotions that we feel every day. This is where the practice of checking in with ourselves and our intentions will help for us to discern from and intuitive inspiration or an idea.

In our society of coffee fueled, overstimulated, over stressed, anxiety; our consciousness is floating above and around our heads in rumination. This is usually the baseline emotions most of us feel every day. When we are in this state of being we are not in our bodies, which makes it difficult to be able to discern our intuition let alone notice when it is imputing some guidance. We need to be the ones in control of our experience rather than allowing our external environment to tell us or force upon us a reality to experience. We may believe that we don’t have much control over how we live and experience our lives- the way things are is how they are, you either play the game or the game will play you. But what if we step outside the game all together? Internal alchemy reminds us that the truth is quite opposite, we create our experiences (through conscious intent).

This concept of creating our reality can be a hard one to accept, especially when we have experienced horrible things. These experiences keep us in a fearful place of the past. Our subconscious literally doesn’t know what the date is and is stuck in that cycle of searching for safety from the trauma it has experienced. Zooming out to look at a wider perspective of what is happening to us, we can see how the experiences have taught us lessons about human nature, about trust, and what it means to feel secure.

Now, I didn’t bring up the topic of past trauma to get you to relive it. More to prime you for the idea that every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow from. The practice of internal alchemy is just that. Taking pain and trauma and transmuting it into healing lessons learned so that it no longer affects you by keeping you in the past. Once we have transmuted our pain into peace we are able then to help others do the same.

Thoth- the first alchemist

So why am I writing about internal alchemy when I am supposed to be writing about intuition? Because they are connected. Its about letting go and trusting the process. It can be scary and hard to listen to a subtle inspiration or voice when our ego, who is operating in fear in attempt to protect us, is so loud. The ego’s voice is loud, fearful, intimidating and will reverberate through your body from a place of fear. If you are sensitive enough, you will notice that your consciousness is working from your bottom three chakras and floating above your head in anxiety.

The voice of intuition is subtle, kind, patient, supportive, and always positive. In the body, your consciousness will be radiating from the depth of your heart and solar plexus as well as your crown chakra. Depending on how you receive intuitive communication through your clairs- clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairgustance, will determine how your intuition will primarily come in. You can work from more than one, but one will usually dominate or be the first pathway for intuitive expression. For me, I usually get information hearing it in my left ear and feeling it in my stomach and body. So I have to discern the feeling in my stomach from being upset from food and my own emotions, from intuitive feelings.

Discernment is key. Being able to tell the difference between what you are thinking and feeling from what someone else is thinking and feeling is the first crucial step to developing your intuition. Without discernment, we identify with everything around us and take it on as our own. When we can start to live in our autonomy and take responsibility of our emotions and experiences, learn more about ourselves and our internal world we live in inside our mind, we begin to become less affected by the external world and it’s influences upon us.

An exercise to help you start to recognize and feel your own energy from others. Spend time doing something by yourself that fills your cup. Something that helps you to feel good. Suggestions from the book Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette gives tips about how to feel your spirit, she says to: listen to uplifting music, sing, take long luxurious bath, meditate, decorate your home with fresh flowers and potted plants, do nothing, go for walks, fill your bedroom with candles and good pillows, read exotic travel magazines, give your body a good workout, pray, slow down in everything you do, laugh.

Also reference my article What is Self-care? [part 1] to get in depth about what self-care looks like to you by learning what is feeding your soul. Once you feel good, recognize that the more you can be in this place, the more stable your internal world will be. The easier it is to discern what you are feeling from external influences and then it will be easier to listen to your intuition because your ego voice will be calmed and quiet.

Another exercise to do after you are in this calmed place to help you start to feel your energy or spirit from another is then to start to feel the energy or spirit of plants and animals. This is a good exercise because plants and animal’s energy are subtle and more consistent than a human’s energy. You are looking to experience the feeling of that plant or animal. To practice with humans, close your eyes and feel how does the room feel when a person walks into the room and then when they walk out?

These beginning steps to learning to discern your energy will develop your intuition by helping you to know your emotions and feelings from others. If you are empathic, learning to maintain your center by practicing self-care will help you to lessen your anxiety because you won’t be taking on what other’s are feeling.

Have fun with this! See how you can feel the difference between different animals or plants, how different people feel from each other. I bet you will start to connect some dots!

Write a comment blow about your experiences with intuition. Or, what questions you have about intuition?

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