Empaths: what to do when a covert narcissist doesn't respect you

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

This is an example of what covert or "low-key" mental and emotional abuse looks like. These situations feel like a loose-loose situation for you. Here is my example... It is well known about you that you have dairy and gluten food allergies, it has been an issue for years. But this person doesn't respect your food allergies by conveniently "forgetting" or who will cook with butter and white flour foods for you, such as baking off cookies, that you cannot eat without suffering digestive consequences. These people are 1000% calculated and are not forgetful. They believe that you are being dramatic or lying about your condition and the whole reason they would then feed you food that upsets your digestive system is to try to prove you wrong. What they are saying is that they are the authority over what you think, feel, and eat and proving you wrong gives them power over you- at your expense. When you speak up and say, "thank you but I cant eat these" and their response is to get mad and say that you are wrong, they are wrong. This is now turning into gaslighting you to believe that speaking your truth is wrong and that you're wrong for having different beliefs and/or lifestyle that is different to them. They paint you as wrong because their ego/psyche is so fragile that if they admit to a mistake then they would have to admit to being imperfect.. or a manipulative a$$hole.Lets have a discussion! Who does this scenario remind you of? How did you overcome it situation? Or how do you want to but haven't yet? These people can be very difficult to handle and sometimes the best thing to do is NOT to fight, because that's their home field advantage - getting you into the fighting ring means they can now flip everything onto you and play victim and they do it by getting you so angry and then use it against you.If you have lost yourself in a toxic experience I have the tools to help you remember who you are and empower you to step into your true self.I wrote my 12 week program, Straighten Your Crown, when I was going through my own high-conflict divorce process.I had to learn to be the strongest I had ever been in my life at this point (before I got my diagnosis) and that took a process of deep remembering. I will be your personal guide on your journey to self.Head to my website (link in bio) or message me directly to earn more.

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