Angel Message: Why should I imprint onto my sacred tools? (1/2)

You know that feeling when you forget your phone, watch, necklace, or ring and you feel naked without it? Or maybe someone used your favorite pen or sat in your favorite chair and you have the instinctive urge to go smoosh your butt into the seat of your chair or pick up you pen and hold it for a moment in your palm before you put it away properly?

You may feel this way about your favorite items because you have energetically imprinted onto them, it has become a part of you. When you look at or put this item on you feel most like you, comforted and even safe. Consciously we assign a meaning or purpose to this item and it becomes a part of your story, a part of you.

Imprinting is when a person intentionally or unintentionally transfer their energy onto an object. Like leaving an energetic fingerprint behind, each fingerprint leaves an energetic mark onto the object. The more fingerprints, the more energy has been imprinted.

It is the reason why when we walk into an antique store each item has a different feel to them. It is why Psychometrists can read so much about a person by feeling the imprinted energy of a belonging while held in their hand. It is also why sacred objects are considered more powerful.

Why would we want to purposefully imprint onto an object?

A sacred spiritual intention imprinted into a sacred tool strengthens the tool for use and strengthens the connection of the tool to the owner.

For tools that are used for sacred ceremony it may be initiated by a sacred ceremony of its own. Being blessed with smoke from sacred herbs, resins, and wood; and anointed with oils. These ceremonies may be as unique or as orthodox as the practitioner desires or feels called to.

How to get started

Imprinting onto your crystals, cards, or pendulum is a good start. You may want to carry them around in your purse or pocket, keep on your nightstand, daily shuffle through and meditate on each card, or play with moving your energy in the pendulum. After a while of doing so, you will notice that the cards will be way more accurate, your crystals buzz with intention, and your pendulum communicates more clearly.

Warnings with imprinting is that the item becomes a part of you meaning that if someone with ill intentions gain possession over one of your special items, they can cast negativity into your life. It is much more complex and darker than that but that is for another article. I only want to bring your awareness that this is serious and to be respected. Yes we can unintentionally imprint onto items but if we are more aware that it can happen we can conduct ourselves with a clearer intention behind our actions.

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