Angel Message: Try this to learn how you practice giving yourself grace

Sidestep the shame blame game by avoiding setting up too high of expectations and assumptions that only end up setting us up to fail.

The perfectionist mind has BIG visions and dreams BUT stuck in the limiting belief that everything must be perfect to be happy and successful. This belief only hurts us in the long run because we are setting ourselves up for an impossible task.

Perfectionism is a trap! An impossible goal you will never reach. Take the burden off of yourself by shifting from trying to be perfect to doing the best you can and being OK with the outcome. Set small, easy to reach, goals. Honestly, baby stepping your way to success is so much easier than to take big giant leaps every move you make.

Slow and steady progress gets you to your goal in a way where you can adjust and acclimate to changes and progress more effectively and smoothly.

Try this approach:

If you take 1 hour every day for a week to work on a project is a less stressful process because you are giving yourself time to think about every step while also giving yourself the time to make adjustments to the project. Now compared to doing the project in 7 hours in one day, its way more stressful! Now you have the stress and pressure (maybe even feel rushed) to make sure that your project is complete and "perfect" in one day, less time to make adjustments and to think about each step. Its wham bam done and you may be left feeling low, second guessing that you could have done better if you didn't feel so rushed.

Celebrate every tiny step forward, drop the "shoulda, coulda, woulda" talk. Spread out your work, slow down, give yourself grace and the positive support for doing a job well done.

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