Angel Message: Maintaining Your Mental Health During the Pandemic

This pandemic is taking a toll on all of us, it does not matter which “side” you are on. The news covering the pandemic, and even the election, has divided us and injected more fear and insecurity within us. Yes, there are facts and important advice given but have you noticed the shortness in breath you feel when you watch the news?

What about tightness in shoulders or upset stomach?

Does your body’s temperature raise and it may become hard to focus? Or you may feel anger?

Do you turn to substances in an attempt to soothe?

These are signs of stress and anxiety. Honoring your needs and taking a break from the overwhelming messages in the news can help to alleviate some of that stress.

If this is happening to you… TURN OFF THE NEWS! Look up your info from a trusted news source on their website and then be done with it. Give yourself 5-10 minutes to get informed, then leave it and focus on unwinding from your day. In the long run, if you ignore the signs your body tells you that you are getting more and more stressed and anxious over the current state of the world, your mental and physical health will suffer.

SO YOUR ANGELS SAY THIS TO YOU.. “How do you choose to spend your energy on this?” It’s an informed choice!

If your ENERGY was MONEY, would you keep throwing it into a bottomless black pit? Or will you choose you invest your money into things that bring you more money?

Are you going to keep spinning in anxious circles using up all of your energy? Or will you invest your energy into tasks that fill your cup (self-care / things you do to nourish your mind.body.soul) and brings you more energy?

BE AWARE OF HOW YOU FEEL. What do you need to do to protect and calm your wellbeing - regulating your nervous system. This is not the time to be a people pleaser. It is a time to realize that you are an autonomous being who knows what is right for YOU.

This flows into another message from your angels which is MEET YOUR NEEDS! How is quarantine effecting you??

If you are an EXTROVERT, quarantine may be hard for you because of the isolation you feel because you are not getting recharged by being in a group or crowd of people. How can you reach out to friends, family, and the community? How do you need to be uplifted? How can you uplift others? If you are finding yourself depressed and self-isolated, you know it is time to reach out and connect with others. Even getting out of the house for a tea/coffee and a walk at the park or a mall will help to recharge you. Instead of falling into “why me?”, ask, “what is this teaching me?” Maybe it is to teach you how to fill your cup in solidarity from time to time? Or to get more creative! You decide what your lesson(s) are.

If you’re an INTROVERT, you may struggle with quarantine because you need alone time to recharge. You may feel constantly drained just by having other people in the same house as you. You may find that your sleeping schedule is growing later and later because you feel safe and comfortable once everyone is to bed. Instead of falling into “why me?”, ask, “what is this teaching me?” Maybe this is teaching you to maintain your mental and energetic boundaries? Or, creating a routine or ritual that grounds and centers you so that other’s don’t effect you as deeply. Know there is nothing wrong with solidarity and honoring how you feel is the most important lesson! Only you know what you need and you don’t have to justify why you need only small amounts of people time. You know you best!


There is no black and white thinking when we can hold space for and respect one another’s feelings and needs by not taking them personally. This is the universe’s RESILIENCY SCHOOL teaching you to get out of your head and into your heart by learning to understand your needs and meeting them. If you do not communicate your needs to others or meet your own needs, RESENTMENT will start to fester. Towards that other person, but in reality you are mad at yourself for not advocating and taking care of yourself. YOU KNOW HOW BEST TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!

Your angels are with you RIGHT NOW guiding and shedding God’s light onto you. Lean into them. They will hold you up!

Love and Light to you!

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