Angel Message: How to Program Your Crystals (2/2)

Just as the Samurai believe in their katana as not only a sacred tool but also an extension of their spiritual energy, our sacred tools and magick objects become an extension of our spiritual energy too. In the previous article I talked about how imprinting onto our sacred tools actually strengthens the tool it's self as well as sharpens our ability to use the tool more effectively. The next step is then to program or set an intention with the sacred tool so that it is clear what it's propose is.

With a sacred tool like my obsidian blade, I have ceremonially cleansed, blessed it, and now I have to program it so that the consciousness of the obsidian blade knows how to best assist me in my ceremonies and in helping to heal my clients. You too will want to care for your crystals in making sure they are cleansed and blessed, then when you are ready to use a particular crystal, you may thank it and then ask (program) it.

Programming crystals sets an intention within the crystal, gives it a job, so that together you can achieve your intention. Think of it as a spell or a prayer that can help you to calm your mind and focus your energy. Saying the prayer into the crystals will heighten your intentions as they now know how to help you.

For example, if you are going to be around a difficult person, grabbing a rose quarts and a green jasper and asking them to help strengthen your heart so that you can have compassion but also keep your self-respect. Crystals are amplifiers, they don't subdue energy but enhance, so make sure that you are being mindful of which crystals you choose for certain situations.

Maybe you add to the rose quartz and green jasper with black tourmaline so that your aura is enforced with protection by wicking away the negativity of the difficult person away from you.

The crystals will work more strongly if you give them a task or else they will work in default mode and could possibly enhance the wrong emotions or feelings.

Here is my basic personal prayer/spell that I use. I encourage you over time to create your own as it will be more powerful for your use.

"Thank you for grounding and protecting my energy.

Thank you for transmuting negative thoughts, feelings, or energies into those of love

for the highest good of myself and for all involved.

So it is."

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