Angel Message: How to connect with your Guardian Angel

A guardian angel is assigned to you on a direct mission from God to guide and assist you as you experience physical life in your mortal body. Angels are the messengers and hands of God whose job is to guide us along our path of spiritual evolution how ever that may look in our lives depending on our level of belief and understanding of soul evolution. Our guardian angel is our direct link to Source and help strengthen our connection to and communication with Source.

In the video I say that they join you the instant you enter this world from your mom’s body but actually you begin your relationship with your guardian angel in heaven before you ascend down into your fetal body. When your soul decides to incarnate you and your guardian angel sit down and decide which lessons you would like to learn that would best expand and evolve your soul and plan out the different ways your soul can learn those lessons.

It doesn’t matter which choices we have made in our life. Choices that may have hurt ourselves and others. Maybe we lost our faith through tough life events.. Our guardian angel never leaves us and never gives up on guiding us to aligning with Source. It is their unwavering love and commitment to your agreement in heaven and seeing you though to finish, no matter how far you wandered off the path.

How do you connect with your guardian angel? Put the intention out there!

Align with the concept that there is a divine being assisting you in your lifetime. Accept that your guardian angel is with you RIGHT NOW! Accept that you are WORTHY of connecting to and communicating with your angel. It took me a while to accept that I was worthy to speak to angels as growing up in the Catholic belief system where I was inherently unworthy because I was born a girl and only very very very special women could be visited by an angel. Being a child who already felt worthless, I was definitely feeling unworthy of meeting an angel. The irony was that I had already been hearing my guardian angel but didn’t realize it at the time.

Here is the truth I learned…… we are all very very very special, we are all very very very worthy to communicate with angels, patriarchy is a lie that suppresses our true potential- woman or man. God does not make mistakes. Therefore, you were created on purpose, in God’s image, perfectly imperfect and flawed human expression of God.

God said, “I need the uniqueness of who you are to go down into the physical world as an unique expression of the universe to expand and grow for the betterment of all humanity. I (God) will expand, grow and evolve along with you.”

You are on a divine mission from God with the guidance of your guardian angel to evolve for the betterment of all. You are worthy to speak to your angel guide!


At bedtime. Imagine a beam of divine light encompassing you, your whole bed and whomever is in it. Pray for protection and align your heart and mind with receiving what you ask for – connecting with your guardian angel.

Ask, “Dear guardian angel, thank you for your guidance, protection, and assistance so far on my life’s journey. I appreciate your unwavering love and devotion to keeping me on my soul’s path. I feel that I am ready to take the next step and learn to receive messages from you more clearly. In the next 7 days will you please give me the sign of _____ (insert your symbol, I used a frog in the video) so that I know when you are there. Thank you! So it is, amen.”

Now release the intention, meaning don’t obsess over looking for it, and allow it to come to you!

After you have established using this symbol as a sign from your guardian angel, you may notice that you will see a lot more of that symbol. It is because you are aligning yourself with receiving more guidance and messages from your angels so you will receive them. When your angel gifts you with a message it is to remind you that their unwavering love and devotion to your soul’s evolution is as strong as ever!

I would LOVE to hear your angel stories! Please share below or write me privately if you feel more comfortable! Maybe I will share them in a follow-up video!

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