Angel Message: BOUNDARIES for EMPATHS- placing mental and energetic shields

An EMPATH’s nervous system is attuned to feel subtle frequencies in the environment around them. This is feeling the emotions or physical pains of others, picking up on thoughts or motivations underneath another’s surface. Whatever the situation, an empath can feel that the vibes don’t match what the other person is portraying.

The AURA is the energetic field around our body. All things have an aura, live or inanimate, it has to do with the measurement of energy on an atomic level. Our heart is the center engine that circulates the current up, around, and down our body back to the heart where it is pumped again along its path. An empath is more sensitive to what their auric field comes in contact with, consciously or subconsciously, and depending on circumstances it may reflect in the weakening of the energy field. When your auric or torus field is weakened, your mind and body become susceptible to sickness.

An example of a way our auric field is weakened is by being around people who are consistently, inconsiderate, disrespectful of you, disrespectful of your boundaries. Someone who’s critical, judgmental, makes assumptions, jumps to conclusions, always has to be right, always points out others flaws or mistakes, or who doesn’t follow through or show up during important times. Being around these types of people on a daily basis drains your energy, you feel that you’re always walking on eggshells around them, lowers your self-esteem and makes you second guess yourself. When these people put you in a defensive position they feel they have the upper hand on you which then makes them feel better about them self. Make you feel bad so I can feel good.

Energetically this would look like a shrinking in your aura tight around your body as you tense from the impact of their assault. Then if what they said or did picked at an insecurity or wound, it will effect you mentally where you may feel shame, guilt, self-loathing, unworthy, etc. These emotions lowers our mental health and drains our energy -mental body and energetic body- which will have an effect on our physical body. Remember we are multi-layered, multi-dimensional beings, everything in connected.

When we allow others to take power from us… OR.. If we give our power away to others.. We are the ones who are hurting our self by not being grounded and self-assured in our truth and assertive in our boundaries. That is where resentment begins to grow. We have to work on being so self-assured that other people can’t throw us off our center.

A personal example:

One lesson Spirit keeps bashing over my head is to not let people push me off my center so easily. It is part of my healing of trauma that made me doubt, second-guess, people please, and settle. It is also a key catalyst to triggering my anxiety.

If someone pushes me and my anxiety gets triggered and I go into a reactive and defensive, energetically my energy is being scattered like a static tv and my consciousness is pulled out of body. I lose all my power in that state. The intensity of the situation leaves me drained and in catastrophic thinking anxiety mode. This process weakens the body and immune system and weakens your aura which leaves you susceptible to more damage by psychic attack.

What to do when you’re in this state? How do you regain your power? Regulate your nervous system and get your consciousness back into your body.

Use this visualization to re-center and put up your defenses

· Sit straight up, make sure your back is straight and feet firmly planted on the floor. Take a few deep belly breaths and focus your consciousness inwards.

· In the voice of prayer thank the Creator for shining down a heavenly light that envelopes your entire being. I say a prayer like, “ Thank you for guiding my thoughts and actions for the highest good for myself and all involved. Thank you for protecting me from any effects of ill intent.”

· Breathe the divine light in through the top of your head, and exhale out of your belly and back creating a shield that wraps around your entire auric field. Imagine it like putting up your force field. Your breath plus the visualization is moving the energy to where you intend.

· Try to get as many senses involved. Feel the air come into your nostrils and out your mouth, feel the movement of energy within your body and around you, see in your mind’s eye the movement and shape of the growing protective shield around you. What is its color and texture? What mantras or prayers do you hear or say to focus and calm your mind? If you can get two or more senses activated the more “real” your body will interpret the experience to be and then regulate and react to it.

· When you feel like you are calm and feeling more sturdy say, “thank you, Creator, for your divine assistance in transmuting the negative thoughts, energies and entities into those of love and light. “

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