Angel Message: 5 Tips from the Angels to help loved ones cross over

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

What inspired this post was a session with a client -surprise!

The client’s friend was having a hard time with her transition into heaven. She was staying in-between the living world and heaven instead of stepping into the light of Source and transition to fully living in heaven. I know that may be mind blowing to read for some, strap on your boots because its about to get weirder. The Spirit World is expansive and I am not about to try to explain all that I know here. Nor will I claim to be an expert because "all that I know" is merely child's play to an expert shaman or mystic.

Whatever may be the reason someone struggles with transitioning to heaven, and there are as many reasons as there are people, we can do something to help our loved ones go home.

First, I want to talk a little about our guardian angel. This is an angel who is assigned to be your guardian from the time you incarnate into your baby-sized physical body to the time you transition back into the spirit realm where they guide you back home to heaven and help you adjust back in. They are the hands and messengers of God and guide you every day in life to make the best choices that keep you on your path of evolution. They are with you through every step and never once abandon you.

So when our physical body takes its last breath and we rise, weightless, from the density of our bodies and the physical world we are greeted by our guardian angel. Well… actually that’s not entirely what happens. There's so much more to it! If our body is dying naturally, over that 1-2 week period we will start to fluctuate in and out of the spirit world by our soul traveling in and out, and also by sight (clairvoyance). This is why our loved ones report visitations from loved ones who had transitions years before. Our loved ones in heaven get the memo that you are soon to transition and come to our side to welcome you home in heaven.

To us Westerners death is scary, but in actuality it is a celebration of lessons learned, evolution of your soul, and the reintegration back with Source or God.

That may piss some people off to read that but I have been honored to witness 2 deaths of people I have the upmost respect for and that is what I witnessed, a wall lined with people and animals in heaven excitedly waiting to welcome them home.

Spirit has also validated my experience by the stories my angels have shared with me.

After we shed our physical body a beam of white light (portal to heaven) open to us for a period of time. The period of time is unique to the individual, their belief system, and their mental resiliency. On average, the light stays until a day or so after their memorial or funeral. The person must make the choice to step into the light or else they will get stuck earthbound.

When we step into God’s light our umbilical chord reattached back to her nourishing light which is our source of sustenance. We live in heaven and breathe in the powerfully Source-energized chi that radiates so strongly there, it nourishes every atom and ion in our energetic body.

Being earthbound means that the person, for whatever reason, chose not to go to heaven and becomes stuck in the growing darkness of getting lost in middle world (a plane of existence that is parallel to our world in non-physical world). It can be cold and scary there and with no Source of energy they become tired, stagnant, and hungry in existence. So when the person comes across a living person who’s soul’s light is bright (an intuitive, psychic, medium; or sensitive kid) they are drawn to it because it reminds them of the light portal to heaven. They are searching for a source of sustenance to give them life and since humans are the most potent source of energy especially if the human is weakened by illness, addiction, abuse, dark thoughts and make it worse.

Now I have not mentioned the extra dynamic of intentions of the earthbound person. Some people are lost and ready to go home to heaven. Others have a malicious intent and that’s for another article about "hungry ghosts" and spirit attachments and their effects.

Where I want to direct you is to action steps you can do to assist your loved one in their transition to heaven.

5 Tips from the Angels to help loved ones cross over:

1. Let go of any guilt or shame about YOU not being there when they died. Our loved ones are thrown a party when they transition.

2. Pray pray pray! Pray that your loved one has the mental resiliency to overcome their own guilt or shame that may prevent them from stepping into the light.

3. You feel guilty that you didn’t get to say what you needed to say. Say it NOW. They can hear you. Your thought about them is like calling them, they hear the ring and pick up and listen.

4. Give them permission to let go. Give them your blessing. That they can watch over and guide you more effectively and efficiently from heaven.

5. God makes no mistakes. Reassure them that they are worthy of heaven, we are all children of God, and that God’s love is eternal, period.

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