Angel Message: 3 Signs a Spirit is Contacting You

It's a hard concept for western society to wrap our heads around. Spirits walking among us sounds like something from a horror movie script but it is actually a reality most of us don't even realize we are living in.

Shamanism explains our universe as multi-dimensional, layers of dimensions stacked upon one another like pages of a book. Spirits are not far away from us, but only the next page over from our page of reality, or dimension, we inhabit.

Like I said, for the western world it may sound a little out there, but let's agree that there is an afterlife and different levels or places in the afterlife and spirits that dwell there.

There are many reasons why a person in spirit may want to get in contact with a living person. It could be to pass on a message, to protect, and passing along guidance. Because most people are not attuned to the spirit world it is can be difficult to receive messages or to even notice shifts in energy from place to place, person to person. Empaths and intuitives have learned to be attuned to reading and interpreting energy so it may be easier to sense spirits whether they consciously or unconsciously are aware of it.

There are actually many signs that a spirit may be trying to contact or influence you, these three seem to be the easiest to pick up on.

Three Signs a Spirit is Contacting You

1. Feeling a presence like someone is watching you. This may feel like chills up your spine, arms, or legs; you may feel creeped out or uncomfortable by a specific space or room in your house. You may not even be conscious that you feel uncomfortable about that space! Signs that you may want to look out for are: looking at or checking that spot when you are in view of it, not wanting to put your back to that spot, feeling cold spots or cold air gusts in that spot.

Example: having the urge to always have the closet door closed because when its open, even just a crack, you feel uneasy and like you're being watched.

2. Random thoughts or feelings pop into your head. This will feel like thoughts or feelings that come out of the blue and are not related to the task you are doing or the thoughts you normally think. For example, you're doing dishes and you randomly begin to think of a loved one who passed. That is usually a sign that the loved one is there with you sharing that moment with you.

Spirits can also amplify our emotions. So something that only would have frustrated you will get you enraged. Or your depression and/or anxiety can be heightened to morbid levels. If you notice that after you've moved into a new space if your mental health begins to severely decline without any obvious big adversities influencing it to do so, can be a sign of a malevolent entity. Go to your medical doctor and your mental health practitioner to help treat and physical or mental ailments and ask a Spiritual expert to assess your space.

3. Having weird dreams. These dreams will feel different. They will linger in your mind and the feeling experienced within the dream-space will stick with you long after you wake. Maybe your loved one visits you in your dream, maybe you receive a sign or message, maybe the people or places in the dream are the same.

Its interesting to think about where parts of our consciousness goes when we are asleep. Our subconscious mind is very powerful as it connects us to the wisdom of Source and also to our own personal wisdom. When our conscious mind is "turned off" while sleeping or meditating we are more receptive to messages and guidance from our loved ones and angels. Paying attention to your dreams can be a big key to understanding the deepest parts of yourself.

It is beautiful and awe inspiring to experience connecting with a loved one in spirit. It can bring closure and acceptance, it can end grief. To those who are looking for this, I hope you receive it.

Connecting with your spirit guide or guardian angel can be an empowering and life changing occurrence. Paying attention to synchronicities will be key to beginning that relationship with them.

*The spirit world is something to be respected. Not a play thing to use when you're bored. We all transition from spirit into bodies and then back into spirit, those in spirit deserve respect as they are people with thoughts and feelings (just no physical senses of touch, taste, and smell).

Not to mention that if you don't know how to conduct yourself and navigate within the spirit world you are like a vulnerable newborn baby susceptible to become victim to a malevolent entity. This is why this is serious work!

If you feel uneasy, unsafe, suffer from violent insidious nightmares (most likely reoccurring), or have been physically attacked reach out for help! Find a Spiritual leader or expert whom you trust and ask for guidance on how to cleanse and protect yourself and your space.

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