A Lightworker's Code of Ethics

As a light worker it is best to live by and work from a code of ethics. When we live by a code of ethics it gives us guidelines to conduct ourselves in the world around us. These guidelines keep us centered in living in integrity. Integrity is important because it is our moral compass that guides our actions through day to day life. Integrity also keeps us deeply rooted in ourselves, our truth, and our beliefs. It is we whom are anchors of heavenly light on mother earth. We heal the suffering by showing others how to be their own source of light via connecting to the Divine Source. Guidelines to live by helps us lightworkers to maintain a balanced and healthy frequency and lifestyle so that we can be our optimal selves so that we may fully do our work that fulfills our purpose.

The Universe is Mental

Once we have acknowledge that our perception of reality is what creates our reality, we then must take responsibility of the thoughts we think and the beliefs we hold. If we are to help others transcend old beliefs and habits then we must diligently observe our own thought habits and beliefs. Not only are we the creators of our own reality merely by our thoughts and actions but they affect what others as well.

Call in and work from the highest frequency of love. Choose Love.

Love is God/Source/Spirit. Love is the highest frequency we can be. Before every session, at the start of every day, make the conscious choice to call in love. Work from love. It is most important to maintain feeling love and peace

Never Foretell the Future

Another Law of the Universe is the Law of Cause and Effect. Our actions create a ripple effect into the future. There are many possibilities of what outcome may occur in someone’s life. An Psychic Intuitive Guide can only see the most prominent outcomes but by making the guess or claim to know which one will play out takes away the person’s free will choice and influence of what may happen. This is not our place as a Lightworker. Our place is to empower and assist people into manifesting what they want into their life.

Refer When Needed

Not every person you meet will feel like a good resonate match to work with. Regardless if it is you who cannot remain neutral with your opinions or the client just isn’t connecting with you, it is best to refer them to someone whom you feel is qualified to work with them. Keep your motivations in check, “Am I feeling desperate for a client so this one will do?” or “If I take on this client, what am I telling the universe what I want more of?”

Always maintain your professional demeanor

When you step into the role of lightworker for the day, do everything in your power to maintain your professional demeanor. Leave the drama at home and focus on maintaining your center, curiosity, and integrity. This also applies to how you present yourself on social media and in public. You are always representing yourself and your business.

Work is always consent based

Heal the clients who value your work and ask for your help. Those who do not value your work nor ask for help won’t appreciate what you do for them. This also applies to using your abilities to do readings on people who have not given their consent (i.e. someone wants you to read another person for them). The health and safety of every client is the most important part of your practice.

Honor the Client’s Confidence

It is not your place to talk about whom your clients are or why they are seeking your guidance. By disrespecting a client by sharing without their consent, you are disrespecting your own integrity.

Self-Care is Priority

Compassion fatigue happens when caretakers focus too much on their clients or patients and ignore their own needs. When you feel tired and drained, physical exhaustion, anger or apathy, or seeking to get your needs met by an external source, give yourself permission to do a session for yourself. Look inward and ask yourself “what am I ignoring or suppressing that my emotions and body are trying to tell me?” We cannot be our best self and perform our gifts if we do not take care of ourselves. That is what we teach our clients – to love thy self, we must exhibit this teaching in our own lives as well. When we model this lifestyle of self-love, the world watches and listens and this is how we influence change.

Knowledge is Power

Always continue to learn and grow. The more you know the more you can share and help others learn and grow too! Always stay in forward motion by digging deeper, reaching higher, jumping further, question everything.

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