Andrea Pohl:


Intuitive Life Coach

Reiki Healer 

Aroma- Auriculotherapist

Ordained Omnitheist Minister

My Mission

My mission is inspired from my own story. My healing journey of co-dependency and unbridled intuitive abilities lead me to a lifetime of anxiety and depression. Which lead me to addictive negative self-soothing behaviors like binge eating and numbing out.

Spirituality, college, esoteric and mystic studies, intuitive development, motherhood, working with mentors, personal studies, more college, practicing martial arts, divorce, and more shadow work and self-realization got me to where I am today.

My mission is to build self-esteem and confidence in my clients through resiliency and mindfulness training to come out on top of life's challenges and transitions.

To give you the tools that teach you how to show up for yourself and guide yourself through to the other side.


I powerfully impact my clients by creating a sacred healing space for them to feel safe to be vulnerable and honest with themselves about their true feelings, desires, intentions, and what’s holding them back.

Holding that safe space gives the client permission to” let go and let it flow” empowers them to move forward out of that space they were in. It allows them to heal those wounds their subconscious programming won’t allow them to heal.

One base of my practice is mindfulness- being aware that the thoughts you think cause the emotions you feel, identifying the beliefs that influence those thoughts, and understanding that you don’t have to be an active participant in this process just observe and let go.

The other base of my practice is to help clients to intimately develop their own intuition. Which empowers them to trust their intuition and have faith in Spirit.  

I tailor my sessions to meet the needs of my client following guidance from Spirit. I honor my clients and meet them where they are on their path.


My Story: From Co-dependent to Independent

I grew up being a people pleaser. I saw my own value and worth in what I could do for others. Show up, be of service, and then fade back into the shadows.  My drive was to prove myself worthy of receiving the love I longed to feel. To feel acceptance, to receive a kind gesture, or affection/ love from family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, co-workers, strangers.  It was the drive to want to be on everyone’s good side all the time. To never offend. To always be helpful. To care for others. To save. My heart is so big, I FEEL so much for others it aches when they are suffering. But I was also looking for someone to save me from my own suffering that I didn’t know how to manage.

My suffering manifested as the anxiety and depression teeter totter. It was hard to understand and manage a its own but I was also taking on other people’s problems as my own, consciously and subconsciously. When I did this, I turned to unhealthy numbing and addictive behaviors like emotional eating.

Somewhere along the way my definition got blurry about what “being of service” meant.  It started to mean blurred to no boundaries, agreeing to do things that I didn’t want to do, not being able to say “no”. Not speaking my truth to my own detriment. As I got older my insecurity and low self-worth  clouded my judgement in who I chose to be friends with and have relationships with.

A pattern emerged in the “type” of person I was dating. Those people that you magnetically click with and think “wow you’re the one” and give yourself too freely to them then it fizzles out or he breaks your heart because he “doesn’t want a relationship right now.” Or he’s Jeckyll and Hyde: the ones who pretend to be some amazing person and once they get comfortable they let their true self out. Either way they were deceitful and emotionally unavailable people that I kept attracting into my life.

If I was going to break this cycle, I was going to have to learn why I was in it to begin with. The path became clear to me that to break this cycle it was going to be a heroic journey inward to the depths of my psyche and soul to uncover the limiting belief programming that was causing so much suffering in my life. To bring into light what wasn’t before.

It took learning how to build my core foundation of self: defining my core beliefs, defining what self-care is to me and how do I show up for myself, Intuitive development, adopting mindfulness techniques, working with mentors, resiliency training, assertiveness training, and martial arts training all to help me learn how to say “no” and draw clearly defined boundaries.

All of which raised my self-esteem and confidence. I now can hold myself accountable to following through on what I said I was going to do. Have more clarity and vision, and faith and trust in my intuition. All of this helped me in healing the trauma at the root of it all and finding my true Independence.

I took the 3-year process that I went through and condensed it down to a short 12-WEEK program to teach you these tools so that you can build your confidence up, to gain clarity and courage to show up for yourself in a whole new way.

The best part is that these 12-sessions are one-on-one and over the phone or video chat with me so that you get the privacy and safety of your own space.

Please feel free to email me with any questions, or if you would like to set up a free discovery call.

To book a session, go to the Services tab and then Book Online to schedule your session.  


Training and Schooling

Lansing Community College

2005-2007 Psychology: Child Development and Abnormal

Graduated from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in September of 2018 as a Certified Life Coach, Auriculotherapist, and as an Ordained Reverend and Intuitive Guide.

Subjects studied in my program include: Spiritual Traditions, Mysticism and Universal Laws, Prayer Therapy and Mindful Meditation, Angels and Guides, Creating Ceremony and Sacred Space, Ministerial Duties and Homiletics; Death, Dying, and hospice; Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, Developing Your Spiritual Gifts, Stress Management and Psychological Acupressure (EFT), Building Resiliency, Aroma-auriculotherapy, Toe Reading- Foot Reflexology, Diversity and Developing Ethical Consciousness, Transpersonal Psychology, Psychology of Addiction, Science of Energetics and Intuition.


Areas covered include:

Love and Relationships




Career: New Opportunities and Promotion

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

Lansing, MI                         517-282-3095