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Beyond the Veil

Discover your intuitive gifts and learn how to connect with your higher-self, your angel and guide team, and your ancestors through this virtual class.
Beyond the Veil

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Starting date TBD

About the Event

My story

My story starts as a little girl. I was born with my gifts. Grew up having tea parties with people in spirit. Or playing games with the nature spirits who lived in the nearby woods. I could see energy around everyone and everything (inanimate objects have an energy field too, it starts from the atomic level). Not only did I see lights around people’s bodies, I knew things about them too- the strongest of my gifts are clairvoyance and claircognizence. Their physical and energetic bodies told me their story. Scary things did happen as my gifts worked completely unbridled, unfocused, and unprotected. So I was open to whomever passed by. These experiences are why I am devoted to helping others understand how their gifts work and learn how to protect themselves from unnecessary drama.

As a child I instinctively created an altar, burned incense, practiced yoga, and meditated before I even knew what they were I just followed my intuition and instinct. From a young age, when friends or family members have passed away they come to me to share a message they want to leave for the friends and family. These experiences taught me that death is not scary nor sad, it’s a transition. They really are closer than you think. The word “veil” really does describe how it feels like they are just on the other side of a sheer opaque curtain never out of reach.

Motherhood strengthened my intuitive gifts and noticing that my son has inherited his gifts as well! Which motivated me to overcame my fears from those scary experiences from childhood by building strong relationships with my angels, guides, and ancestors. This empowerment is what I want to share with you! Confidence in yourself makes anything possible.

My training and schooling

1 year training with highly accredited psychic medium, 4-years mentorship with a different psychic medium and reiki practitioner (I have not yet received their permission to share their names). Diploma in Integrated Healing Arts specialized in Angel mediumship, and Certification as a Life Coach through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. I also obtained my ordination through this program as well.

The Goal

The goal of this class is to teach you the basic tools to develop your innate intuitive abilities. Through this class you will learn how to deepen your connection to yourself as well as deepening your connection to source or God. You will learn how to connect with loved ones, angels, and guides. You will discover your intuitive gifts and how to use them.

The class outline goes as follows:

Week 1: Creating Sacred Space, and Releasing Fear.

You will learn how to create a safe and sacred place where you can relax into your center, into the present moment where you are open and receptive to connect.

You will also learn how to call to you the being you are intending to connect with. Also how to shield and protect yourself from those you don’t.

Week 2: The Clairs, Discernment: Higher-self vs. Thoughts and Desires of the Ego

The Clairs are the 5 senses we use to communicate with spirit. I will teach you about what they are and how they work.

You will learn how to discern between the higher-self from your ego.

Week 3: Our Angels and Guides, Preparing and Connecting

Learn the difference between angels, guides, and ancestors and how to connect with them.

Week 4: Our Symbol Library: How we Interpret Spirit, Divination.

Then we end the class practicing on each other! We put all our practice to the test by each having 5 minutes to give a message to one of the members of the group.

Class Info

Class will be held on Tuesdays at 8pm est on Zoom and is an hour long.

I will email you each weeks material the Sunday before the class.

During class I will go over the material and expand upon it.

There will be time for questions and possibly start the assignment as a group.

  • Beyond the Veil

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