Woman with animal guides: owl, sabortooth tiger, wolf. Crystal ball of intuition, and full moon of magic and wisdom.

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Andrea's unique approach of integrating her gifts of Clairvoyance and Intuition into Life Coaching gives her clients unique insight and clarity into their beliefs, thoughts, dreams, goals, and relationships. She is a guide and safe space for you to process and integrate new realizations into the whole multi-layered being that is you. 

For the Entrepreneur who wants consistency, stability, and accountability. Who has vision and determination. Who can achieve their goals by learning how to balance their life utilizing prioritization and time management. The Entrepreneur is ready to level-up but may have doubts or fears they are facing. Together we strategize a self-care routine to keep you centered and stable so that you feel capable and confident to put yourself out there successfully!


For the Empath and Intuitive, who is looking to understand their gifts. Who desires to learn to hone them for the betterment of their quality of life and desire to use their gifts to help their loved ones. Who tends to be more spiritual in nature feeling the presence of Spirit in all things and around them and may have experienced supernatural occurrences. Together we can make sense of your feelings and experiences and you will learn how to navigate this multi-dimensional universe.

For those who are healing through tough transitional times such as divorce, grieving death of a loved one; or have received a diagnosis, and recovering from major surgery. Each client is unique in experience and processes in their own way. "My goal is to hold space for my client during their healing process whether that is talking through things, needing help with planning and paperwork, or something else. That is where I come in to support you."

Andrea safely grounds her energies to the physical realm. Once in a receptive state she reaches to the higher realms to connect with Source. She invokes and asks her angel and guide team to connect with your team to bring through messages and guidance from Spirit.

The guidance from your team in Spirit provides insight from your Akashic Records touching topics such as: relationships, repetitive cycles, past lives, soul contracts, archetypes, mother/father wound, and shadow work. 

Come with your notebook for note-taking as not only will you learn more about your soul's journey but we will discuss how to apply the information you have learned to find answers to the blocks that hold you back.