Upcoming Events
Starting date TBD when class fills up
ZOOM Tuesday nights at 8pm est
Beyond the Veil
Discover your intuitive gifts and learn how to connect with your higher-self, your angel and guide team, and your ancestors through this virtual class.
Sun, Sep 22
WOKE Studio
Stop Stress Eating
If you have always struggled with weight and diets haven't worked for you. Learn to take charge over this habit by empowering yourself with the tools to get ahead of the thoughts that cause you to feel overwhelmed, stressed, lonely, and depressed.
Wed, Sep 04
Mother and Earth Baby Boutique
EFT for Anxious Moms
*** Back by popular demand *** Get together with other anxious moms and learn the relaxing effect of EFT!
Wed, Jul 31
Mother and Earth Boutique
EFT to De-stress Anxious Moms
Moms! Are you exhausted and stressed? Have you noticed that your anxiety has skyrocketed since motherhood? Or grew with each child? Are you short fused? Use EFT as a tool to stop the stress response while helping you get out on top of it.

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