"Tragedy and transitional times in our lives teach us just how strong and resilient we truly are."

Andrea Pohl

Are you one of my 3 Clients?

The Entrepreneur: This person has a vision and is very driven. They are looking for consistency, stability, and accountability in a coach. They achieve their goals by learning how to balance their life utilizing prioritization and time management. The Entrepreneur is ready to level-up but may have doubts or fears they are facing. Together we strategize a self-care routine to keep you centered and stable so that you feel capable and confident to put yourself out there successfully!

The Empath and Intuitive: This person is the natural intuitive. They are sensitive to the world around them and feel their emotions with vast depth. They are looking to understand their gifts and want to learn to hone them for the betterment of their quality of life and desire to use their gifts to help their loved ones. The Empath and Intuitive may tend to be more spiritual in nature feeling the presence of Spirit in all things and around them. They may have experienced supernatural occurrences that feel hard to believe.. me too! You are seen, you are heard, you are validated. Together we can make sense of your feelings and experiences and you will learn how to navigate this multi-dimensional universe.

The Self-Healer: This person is going through a major life transition. They are looking for healing through reconnecting with themselves and with Source in their unique way. Whatever event they are healing through – divorce, death of a loved one, a major health diagnosis – you will learn how resilient you truly are. Together we don our warrior’s armor and I will show you just how strong you really are. You, dear one, are on a Hero’s Journey with adversity and trials on the way but you will make it through to the other side where the sunlight shines again.

If you find that you are one or all three of these people, then maybe it is a sign to invest in yourself?

Hiring a Life Coach is a commitment that you make to yourself to show up and follow through with what you want to achieve whether its for your Business, Spiritually, or Healing you have to put in the energy to make the transformation possible.

So, are you ready to finally meet your needs?

Clairvoyant Life Coaching Sessions are held as a weekly or bi-monthly (twice a month) phone or video call with Andrea. Sessions will be a mixture of completing coaching models together as well as receiving channeled guidance specific to you from your angel and guide team.

The goal is to get you reaching your goals one after another!


I've been working with Andrea for a while now and find my sessions with her incredibly enlightening. She not only uses her gift of intuition but often cites books and research to further explain concepts that help me become more attuned to what it is I need to do to help myself grow as a person. I value her intuitive guidance and knowledge as it has helped me through some very difficult challenges. 

~Kristie B. 

Going into my reading, I wasn't sure what to expect. I haven't had a reading in a very long time and i tried to go into it with an open mind. I was thoroughly impressed with the reading, as it resonated with my current situation. I was given some helpful tools to embark on my own personal journey of discovery. I've always been deeply connected with nature and now I know why I've felt that way all these years. She is talented! 

~Amanda S. 

Andrea's calm and intuitive nature helped to nurture my soul. She was able to frame the challenges that I'm facing in a way that made sense and brought clarity. Additionally, her Angel Reading for me was enlightening and brought to the surface feelings that I have not been able to talk to anyone else about, all in a positive way. I definitely felt a sense of calmness and a sense of reinvigoration for what I need to do to help process and more forward. Thank you Andrea!

~ Lauren G.

Andrea has a way of connecting the things I have been thinking about lately but just haven't acknowledged. Her ability to see my energy and communicate it back in a way that is useful for me to move forward is truly a gift. I expected that all my spiritual help would come through and that I could trust that what Andrea was sharing is in fact meant for me and only me at this time.

~Krystal G. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea through a mutual friend in 2016. She saw me just as I was: desperate for love. But with this desperation I attracted negative partners. I felt lost and defeated. One heartbreak after another. With her abilities she was able to see my fate. That I would find true love but I needed to love myself first. Get off all dating websites, take care of yourself, and you will meet your soul mate in about 6 months. Exactly 5 months later, I met the man of my dreams. She knew he was a good man and together we will have a beautiful life. If I didn’t make that call 2 years ago - I don’t think I would have had the courage to keep looking for love. And almost exactly a year after I spoke with Andrea, he asked me to be his wife. Many thanks to you my sweet friend.

~Angela F. 

Wise Cone sitting in her seat of power through her connection to spirit